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Dog Training, Behavioral Training & Obedience Training in Jacksonville, Florida

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The Good Dog Program

The most popular of our dog training programs is the 4 week Good Dog. Your dog will spend approximately 28 days at our camp. We will provide you with private instruction and a DVD. Extended dog training programs are available. 

Good Pup Start-Up

Ask about our in home puppy consultation. Get your communication started right with your new family member Good Pup-Start-Up. Schedule a private session to speak with a trainer about early developmental dog training techniques.

obedience training

Obedience is an investment in your dogs future. Don't wait until your dog exhibits bad behavior before training!

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Who We Are

Good Dogs Training Camp of Jacksonville, Florida, is dedicated to helping improve the quality of the relationship between you and your dog. For more than 35 years, we have been North Florida's leading expert on family dog training. Our programs are designed to educate dogs through each developmental stage and help them become a well-mannered house pet. Professional dog training that fits your lifestyle.


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Contact us in Jacksonville, Florida. Call now about our special summer camp dog training programs.